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Epic Drum Solo!
Viv performing a piano solo
Canon Rocking on the Guitar
Ky rocking Shake it Off!!
Lauren Learning New Fills
Angus Rhianna

Guitar Lessons

The guitar is one of the most popular instruments kids want to learn. And it's no wonder why. They see rock stars and bands on television, youtube, and social media all of the time! We recommend starting guitar lessons around age eight. Guitar strings can be tough on young hands. Any younger and you run the risk of scaring off a future guitarist with blisters and sore hands.


The electric guitar and classical guitar are good instruments to start on because they are easier on the fingers. Lessons at Northstar are fun and packed with the essentials needed to start your musical journey. Some basics our students learn include; How to read standard music notation, open notes, strumming patterns, and basic chords. You can also learn your favorite songs!

We just started our group guitar lesson program! For the same price as private lessons you get almost double the amount of lesson time, and you get to make new friends along the way. Ask how you or your student can get started today.


Piano Lessons

If you learn the piano then you can learn any other instrument. This has been a saying that has been passed down from generation to generation. And it's true! The piano establishes the foundation needed for success in music. Kids can start as young as three or four years old. We recommend starting around age six. It is always a good idea to start on an inexpensive electronic keyboard. That way if your child does not want to commit long term you have not invested too much.

Our students learn how to read music, play scales, practice ear training, and play with correct technique.   


Drum Lessons

Kids love to bang on the drums! We are here to help! Although parents frown at the thought of having loud drums in their home, there are sound alternatives. Electric drums are a great way to start. They have sound control so you can can practice any time of day.

There is a saying that goes "your band is only as good as your drummer". This statement is true. Without a good drummer any band will suffer. At Northstar we teach our students how to keep a beat, read actual drum set music, learn about stick control and dynamics, play to a metronome, as well as incorporate rudiments on to the kit. They also get to rock out to their favorite music!


Violin Lessons

The violin is a very beautiful instrument that can be associated with grace and peace. It has been around for centuries dating back to the 1500s.

We teach each student the basics including; how to properly hold the instrument, how to take care of the bow, finger placement, string crossing, correct technique, and how to read music. Since many schools require a string class, we are always happy to help with your students development.

Other instruments we teach..

Bass guitar, Ukulele, and all brass and woodwind instruments.

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