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Young Drummer

Drum Lessons at Northstar

Small class sizes and great teachers make learning how to play the drums fun. Pick up some sticks and get ready to groove.

Why Learn the Drums with us?

    Kids love to bang on the drums. We are here to help! Although parents frown at the thought of having loud drums in their home, there are sound alternatives. Electric drums are a great way to start. They have sound control so you can can practice any time of day and still keep the peace at home.

    There is a saying that goes "your band is only as good as your drummer". This statement is true. Without a good drummer any band will suffer. At Northstar we teach our students how to keep a beat, read actual drum set music, learn about stick control and dynamics, play to a metronome, as well as incorporate rudiments on to the kit. They also get to rock out to their favorite music!

Group Drum Class 4_edited.jpg

Group Drum Class

Our group drum classes help any new drummer learn how to keep time. Challenge your coordination as you play basic drum beats and rhythms. Rock out to music with students just like you. Grow in confidence and learn the basics all while having fun with others. All drums and sticks are included in the class. You do NOT need drums at home to start.

2021 DFW Performance- Drum Solo 3_edited.jpg


Students at Northstar have the opportunity to perform on stage twice a year. These performances give our young drummers an amazing experience and chance to rock out on stage. 

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Private Drum Lessons

We also offer private drum lessons. Have a great one on one experience with a professional tutor. Learn basic drum beats and fills, practice rudiments, play along to your favorite songs, and read actual music.

2021 DFW Performance- Brooke on Drums 2.JPG

Play your favorite songs

One of the best ways to learn an instrument it to play along to music that you actually like.  At Northstar we try and get our students playing along to music, or learn songs that they like, as quickly as possible. This helps the student gain more interest and have more incentive to practice at home.

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Improve social skills and gain confidence

Having the chance to play music with other people and collaborate creatively is a great way to make new friends. It also gives perspective as you learn and grow with others.

Kinley on drums at Performance.JPG

Health Benefits

Playing any instrument has many health benefits. It can reduce stress and anxiety, bring happiness and pleasure by releasing endorphins, help develop motor skills, improve memory and cognitive function, and encourage confidence and self expression.

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